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HTBOOK Software is an rental management and accounting software package developed and marketed by Alareejit. First introduced in 2014, HTBOOK products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises operational and accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. Specially for rental services providers, this is the best software for you to manage your business. Unique Ideas for your operation and management.

Good software is a work of art, and good art takes time. Our teams spend years mastering their craft in order to deliver exceptional products that customers love.

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HTBOOK Technologies:

HTBOOK Software. is an UAE business software company that specializes in financial and Managements software. The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and the CEO is Hassan Nasir and Areej Alzarqa.

HTBOOK financial products include the tax preparation application, personal finance app, the small business accounting program. HTBOOK Management products for rental services providers, Transportation Management software HTBOOK TMS, Real Estate Managements software (HTBOOK Property), Used Cars managements software (HTBOOK Showroom), Shipping line and container management software (HTBOOK Ship). HTBOOK Free tools, Vat Calculator, Katabook, etc.

As of 2022, more than 95% of its revenues and earnings come from its activities within the UAE and United States.

Custom Software Development services

Our Team develop a software in UAE Dubai, by company requirements, How is business working proccess, Our developer team manage and design system for clients. Read More

Cutting-edge technology meets timeless values

We believe that software is the ultimate product of the hands and the mind. And we take pride in creating products and solutions that help solve business problems, needs, and discover opportunities to help you grow with unique ideas.

Over the past 15 years, we brought more than 25 products to the market. We prefer to build things and operational and management solutions, ourselves instead of growing our platform through acquisition in UAE. We invest more in customer support and product development than in sales and marketing. All that because we believe that the best way to deliver choice and value to our customers.

A private company with a public vision

We have always been able to focus on what is best for the customer. Rather than worrying about short-term profits, we've had the freedom to think for the long term. This kind of independence changes how we approach problem-solving, empowering us to truly think differently. From how we build to how we hire, our unconventional approach has brought us to more than 82 employees and 1 million users around the world, 70% from UAE.

A Company you will keep

HTBOOK Software should solve more problems than it causes, so we lock you into multi-year contracts with fixed price increases. We don't push our Marketing and sales people to push you. Our products are available, and we offer flexible payment options to fit every budget. Our prices are as transparent as our privacy policy, and we take pride in both.